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Healthcare Analytics: 3 Challenges to Manage Patient Master

Today with Big Data and Data Analytics being hot topics of the day, many healthcare organizations are aggregating and harmonizing data from multiple sources to improve quality of care in the patient continuum of care. Today patient data is collected at clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, surgical centers, diagnostic labs etc. So can you manage all this […]

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What drives the loyalty of the customer?

Many times, we have seen advertisements which promote that dealers will sell two cars – one now and one in the future. As customer lifetime value is so dependent on retention rate, no car company can ignore loyalty index (ratio of cars purchased to cars recommended). Our conclusions on loyalty based on different surveys are […]

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Online reviews impact

Word of mouth is recognized as a powerful force in persuasion. e-WOM in relatively new (not that new also). I now buy computers and books only after checking reviews. With that thought, I start asking questions to myself that why do I trust reviews? Do I trust negative reviews more than positive comments? In which […]

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Global Health Is on Our Radar: Collaborating with xtLytics

SEP 11, 2017 | BY HIMANSHU GOYAL There are seasonal triggers for illnesses: Fall means that it’s time to get your flu shot, spring means allergy medications, and winter is prime time for the common cold. Yearly updates can even pinpoint the particular strains and density of the contagions/allergens, but can we do better? IBM and The […]

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Predictive Code to combat infectious diseases

BENGALURU: The Weather Company, an business, and xtLytics, a healthcare analytics company have jointly developed a model to help reduce the prevalence of infectious disease. The predictive analysis tool helps doctors in administering better treatment and is already piloted in healthcare centers in India and abroad. The Solution Excellence Center in Noida will combine the […]

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The Weather Company, an IBM Business, Enables xtLytics to Help Tackle Infectious Diseases with Analytics and Weather Data

Links: IBM Newsroom, The Economic Times Collaboration out of the new xtLytics Solution Excellence Center in Noida, India, to help improve knowledge across the healthcare ecosystem. Jericho, NY, U.S.  & New Delhi, August 24, 2017: The Weather Company, an IBM Business (NYSE:IBM), is now enabling xtLytics to try and help reduce the prevalence of infectious diseases […]

Wilmington stumps up £6m for healthcare analytics company.

#xtLytics – #Wilmington stumps up #£6m for #healthcare #analytics company.

How Quest and Inovalon have unlocked value in healthcare analytics.

#xtLytics – #How #Quest and #Inovalon have #unlocked value in #healthcare #analytics.

Global trends sweeping healthcare: How analytics is helping the industry to respond

#xtLytics – #Global trends sweeping #healthcare: How #analytics is helping the #industry to respond.