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Healthcare Analytics: 3 Challenges to Manage Patient Master

Today with Big Data and Data Analytics being hot topics of the day, many healthcare organizations are aggregating and harmonizing data from multiple sources to improve quality of care in the patient continuum of care. Today patient data is collected at clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, surgical centers, diagnostic labs etc. So can you manage all this […]

consumer purchase behaviour

What drives the loyalty of the customer?

Many times, we have seen advertisements which promote that dealers will sell two cars – one now and one in the future. As customer lifetime value is so dependent on retention rate, no car company can ignore loyalty index (ratio of cars purchased to cars recommended). Our conclusions on loyalty based on different surveys are […]

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Online reviews impact

Word of mouth is recognized as a powerful force in persuasion. e-WOM in relatively new (not that new also). I now buy computers and books only after checking reviews. With that thought, I start asking questions to myself that why do I trust reviews? Do I trust negative reviews more than positive comments? In which […]

consumer purchase behaviour

Does post purchase experience impact purchase decisions?

It is very important to understand how Gen Y makes decisions during different stages within the sales funnel and what they value most. We used open-ended questions and tag cloud technologies to uncover these preferences. We found that generations prioritize product features differently. The order of these priorities changes as the customer progresses through the […]

ABC of Social Media

What is Social Media? The social media is a media by which key business participants such as customers, employees, constituents and partners engage in social interactions outside of structured or sanctioned media. What are the Social Media Technologies? The following are the social media technologies used for social interactions on social media: Community Microblogging (example […]