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Healthcare Analytics: 3 Challenges to Manage Patient Master

Today with Big Data and Data Analytics being hot topics of the day, many healthcare organizations are aggregating and harmonizing data from multiple sources to improve quality of care in the patient continuum of care. Today patient data is collected at clinics, pharmacies, hospitals, surgical centers, diagnostic labs etc.
So can you manage all this patient data coming from multiple data sources?

We at Xtlytics have identified following three challenges in creating and managing unique patient key:

1. Missing One Unique Patient Field to Create HIPAA Compliant Patient Key: When a unique single HIPAA compliant patient identifier is not there, then combination of data fields (such as encrypted key from first name + last name + zip code) are used to create a Patient Key. This process works most of the time but may not map each patient properly. For example, if a person change their last name after marriage then he/she is a new patient in this ecosystem and cannot be mapped to the same patient before marriage successfully. xtLytics suggest a fuzzy logic approach which can take a weighted approach to match patients.

2. False Unique: Case above can cause false unique also. If there are two John Smith born in the same year and in the same zip code then your system might give them the same Patient Key when really they are two different persons. xtLytics suggest using Diagnostic and Procedure and other medical data as well to avoid such false unique.

3. Poor Data Quality: Healthcare data is of bad quality. Therefore, our systems will create a new key for Johns Smith, age 21, 01545 (Zip) than for John Smith, Age 21, 01545 (Zip). After data entry correction, these two patients needs to be mapped to the same Patient Key. xtLytics suggest an intermediate key concept to allow such changes.

At xtLytics, we have worked through this challenge and have come up with innovative ways to help manage a patient master database. Ensuring a consistent and high quality data compliant with PHI rules, selection of right identifiers and providing easier mapping of patient data are the key properties that constitute the backbone of XtLytics. Take a brief moment and think about it. Share your ideas with us and we are always available to chat, speak and work with you.

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