Why We’re Here..

A startling range of analytics initiatives is being deployed across industries as diverse as Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services, Legal, Media, Energy, Telecommunications, Transportation and Government. There is so much variety in analytical programs and initiatives, but despite the widespread reliance on business analytics, businesses still face a steep learning curve in using and benefiting from Big Data analytics. As one of the champions of Big Data solutions with focus on specific vertical industries, our team  is strongly positioned to help organizations to make the best use of this emerging technology leveraging our Big Data Analytical tool “Pure Analyzer”

We are seeking to build productive go-to-market partnerships with vertically specialized firms in the Financial services, Health care, Legal, Energy, Telecommunications and Logistics industries that can effectively leverage our expertise and technology to jointly expand their global market presence.


Market challenges we’re helping to solve.

The volume of performance and operational data is growing faster than the ability of the enterprise to derive valuable insights from it. Data is available but information is not.

Current general-purpose analytics tools just provide insights about prior performance but lack intelligence to address fundamental questions: What is likely to happen in the future? and How should we plan for the future?

Traditional analytics tools cannot also handle unstructured data (like social media, email, web logs, surveys, comments etc.) and require extensive IT and data analyst efforts. Enterprises are reporting that existing analytics tools are too slow, too hard to use and don’t provide easily understandable information, which makes it difficult to broaden access to a wider group of decision makers, managers and professionals.