Big Data Analyzer

(Part of Pure Analyzer Product Suite)

Digital data is being created at a phenomenal rate, and with the ever-increasing number of users who are connecting to the Internet, with smart, mobile devices, this trend will drive increasing online transactions, and the resulting data they generate. Businesses who learn how master the flow of information will have a significant competitive advantage. Big data offers this opportunity.

Big data is not about spending money on bleeding edge technology. It is about solving strategic problems or creating new sources of revenue or building competitive advantage.

As of 2012, limits on the size of data sets that are feasible to process in a reasonable amount of time were on the order of exabytes of data. Additionally, unstructured data makes it harder to capture, store, search, share, transfer, analysis,and visualize. Our Big Data Analyzer tool allows our clients to solve these challenges in a non-invasive manner.

Our Big Data Analyzer tool has four modules:

big data processor

Big data: Admin Wizard

This module allow users to define extract and transform business rules. It provides a user-friendly interface which allows users to gather data from multiple structured and unstructured data sources.

Key Features:

  • System uses NoSQL databases so that user can define their key fields without any restriction.
  • Data can be taken from any source such as ftp, sftp, network drive, or database.
  • Data format can be text, MS Excel, text files, etc.
  • Data Files can be part of a defined data fileset. One file may have multiple types of records, for example, medical claim and claim details.
  • User can define the fields mapping, validations. Custom validations can be added by adding custom functions.
  • Threshold for errors can be defined to accept or reject record, file or file set.
  • Multi-language support.

Big Data Processor

Big Data Processor in conjunction with the Text Data Analyzer processes the data based on rules defined by the user. Key features of big data processor are as follows:

  • Engine uses the information defined in admin wizard to gather, validate and transform the data.
  • Industry specific data validator libraries allow users to define industry specific validations such as NPI check for health industry
  • Extensible Transform engine – allows companies to extend the transform engine by using extension api.
  • Hadoop technologies make the big data processor scalable and robust.
  • Big Data Processor uses Text data analyzer to detect data patterns.
  • File and record acceptance and exceptions are handled according to user-defined business rules.

Big Data Admin Dashboard

It allows the administrator to view the data processed and data exception reports, listed by data source and date. Viewing the data exception threshold and actual exceptions allows admin to escalate issues to vendor and to manage quality of the data better.

Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics allows end-user to find hidden data patterns and insights using canned reports, ad-hoc search and reporting capabilities. Key benefits include

  • Identify data clusters for targeting using 70+ machine learning categorization models. For more details, click here.
  • Trends Analysis
  • Advanced concept based search
  • 360 degree view of social and corporate data, structured and non-structured.
  • Big Data Infographics (charts, grids, tag clouds etc.)
  • Track User and track comments / news
  • Ad-hoc search
  • Reporting
  • Document summarization
  • Document deduplication
  • Document clustering