Trend Portal

(Part of Pure Analyzer product suite)

Trend Portal is a mini version of Social Media Analyzer and Big Data Analyzer. Trend Portal has been used by companies in the following ways:

Building Online Niche Communities.

Trend Portal can be configured to automatically supply fresh content to your customer-facing online site. Information can be automatically posted to the site from a variety of sources across the Web to build a niche community where users can find content tailored to their common interests.

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Intranet Intelligence Gathering.

It allows all your employees, vendors and resellers to be aware of competitive intelligence, influencers, blogs, and important company, competitor and industry news.

Newsletter Content Builder.

Marketers can build newsletters with content that is at the forefront of their constituent’s minds. Some examples of this might be legal cases in the news, or online content and postings relating to a specific industry.

Brand and IP Monitoring / Protection.

Established worldwide brands can scan the web and other online content sources for mentions of their brand and similar technologies and patents. Companies can automate their “watch dog” monitoring efforts, to protect their brand and intellectual property worldwide, as well as enforcing trademark compliance.