Big Data Analytics As a Service

If your organization’s attempts to manage big data and your efforts to gain insight are more akin to finding a needle in haystack, then our Big Data Analytics as a Service (BDAS) is the solution for you. We can help your company find answers to key strategic questions while your data is securely protected behind the four walls of your company.

The difference between our Big Data Analytics as a Service (BDAS) and Big Data Technology Solutions is that our service, BDAS, provides analytics as an output wherein we do all the heavy lifting and analysis for you. In contrast our Big Data technology solution is geared more towards organizations who want to have hands-on access to big data analytics tools and use their own internal staff to perform the analysis.


Big data analytics As a Service process consists of the following steps:

  • Define the strategic Problem statement.
  • Define the questions that needs to be answered.
  • Gather required data.
  • Analyze data, present Insights and predict future outcomes.
  • Define risks and alternatives available to the business.

Pure Analyzer Framework

Our data analysis team uses Pure Analyzer (our Big Data Analytics framework) to gather and synthesize data from disparate corporate and social media sources leveraging Big Data Technologies such as Hadoop, and NOSQL. The data is then processed using 70+ machine learning algorithms, and is then presented to our data analysis team via dashboards, analysis screens and reports. Our data analysis team gathers supporting data and applies human analysis to help businesses gain insights into specific business processes within their ecosystem of customers, partners and competitors.

Applied Industry Experience

Our industry experience, certifications and third-party systems expertise have allowed us to exceed our clients’ expectations. Here are some examples of niche areas where our big data analytics can be applied to gain valuable insights:


Optimal Patient Selection

CRO (Contract Research Organization) stores anonymous patient data and records of how the patient responded to various drug studies. By applying our Big Data analysis tools, a decision tree from this big data can predict whether a new patient is a good candidate for a similar drug treatment.

Alternate usage of existing drugs

Our big data analysis tool can help in the process of determining what the outcomes might be for an alternate usage of an existing drug based on social media and corporate data including customer emails, customer surveys, doctor’s notes, etc.

Increasing drug sales by analyzing insurance claims

Noting the strong correlation between the number of sales reps and the market share of certain pharmaceuticals, in a specific geographic region, our analysis tools could be used to evaluate medical claims to help pharma companies to increase sales by optimizing the number of sales reps in each geographic region.

Healthcare outcome analysis

The goal of healthcare outcome analysis is to find data patterns in patients with the same diseases, treatment, and procedures, which will lead to treatment insights for new patients. We are working with various health institutes to build databases which can help in this process.

Life Science Research

Successful efforts to gain valuable insights in life science research require that big data be gathered, managed, analyzed, and shared. Our service is tailored towards analyzing information which is rapidly growing, in real-time, across provider, payor and life science data repositories.

Financial Services

Fraud Protection

Big data analysis (social and corporate data) and technology assisted predictions are opening new ways to prevent Anti-money laundering and addressing non-compliance issues. Contact us for technology assisted non-compliance report and to get more details on usage of social media and real-time logs to prevent fraud.

Insurance claims negotiation and settlement

Our team of data scientists is experienced in analyzing big data to deliver key insights which can be leveraged in your negotiations resulting in settlements that save time and money.

Improve alpha of investment portfolio

Our team of analysts offer financial industry experience, big data experience and certifications such as CFA, FRM(Financial Risk Managers), RIA (Registered Investment Advisor). These qualifications uniquely position us to provide valuable insights into customer, vendor, product, competitors, and pricing, using big data analysis, and finding hidden insights such improving the alpha of a fund.

Reducing bad debt

Our analysis can help you isolate negative product comments, change in ownership, assist in a crisis, or a gain information perhaps about a new contract awarded to a debtor – which could potentially lead to a payment to your company, improving your cash flow and reducing bad debt. Our analyst team analyzes big data to find data patterns, which can help you in prioritizing or changing your strategy to allow you to collect your debt earlier.


Many of our clients have used our service to gain insights to assist their in-house legal teams. We can help in the following ways:

Track and Reutilize Attorney work

We connect existing eDiscovery processes and systems for the sole purpose of helping you track and reutilize attorney work products across multiple lawsuits. Our objective is to identify and reuse attorney efforts applied for one lawsuit and make use of these assets for other similar lawsuits. Additionally, we help apply that knowledge to do predictive coding for other related corporate documents. The benefit is to offer additional safeguards to shield corporations from potential future litigation.

Legal eDiscovery

We provide social media analysis and corporate documents analysis for an on-going law suit to provide insights in the overall eDiscovery process.

Non-compliance Reports

Non-compliance reports are targeted for law firms and legal counsel of corporations to make sure that there is no information leak during the law suit by employees.


Customer behavior analysis

Analysis of customer purchase decisions at different stages of purchase process as well as product usage patterns and preferences is important to improve product development, sales and profit. Our retail data analysts and big data technology team seek to provide insight into customer behavior. Please email us at to get a report on how the Gen Y purchasing behavior is different from others age groups.

Social network analysis

Influencer marketing and social CRM require social network analysis to have the best marketing strategy. We help in analyzing customer, vendor or employee social network analysis using social and corporate data.

Pricing optimization

Forrester Research notes that the number of shoppers who say they’re loyal to brands, they like continues to decline. Therefore, pricing has become even more important. Our services can help in pricing optimization using big data and statistical analysis models such as price elasticity, item cannibalization, as well as what-if scenarios and market simulation.

Warranty analysis

Are your customers spending too much time and energy doing premature preventive maintenance on products they purchased? Or worse are they returning products under warranty for repair? Our predictive analytics tools, with the help of our data analyst team, can help you suggest optimal maintenance schedules to your customers, leading to reduced warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction.


Churn analysis

Analyze the data patterns to predict dissatisfied customers and right action to make him happy has a huge impact on customer retention rate. Big data Analytics As a Service is tailored to provide such insight to management team.


Web application and IT Infrastructure optimization

75% of the big organizations IT budget is spent on keeping the lights on. At the same time, all tools are tailored to provide alerts and none to predict the failure based on previous resources and application usage patterns. But it is changing now and we are here to help.


Natural resource exploration, and Smart meter & equipment monitoring

Energy industry is going through major changes and data overload ranging from equipment & smart meter monitoring to well logging data. To know how this big data can help in wind mill maintenance cost reduction to reduce power usage to provide critical information about well-logging to executives iPAd in real-time, call us today.