Big Data Technology Solutions

We provide custom solutions for enterprises across many industries addressing Business Problems in a non-invasive manner using our Big Data Analytical framework called Pure Analyzer. This Big Data Intelligence framework, an integrated software package, consists of several components including: Big Data Analyzer, Social Media Analyzer, Text Analyzer and Trend Portal.

Our big data analytics framework allows you to have big data solutions available cheaper, faster and better. The difference between our Big Data Analytics as a Service (BDAS) and Big Data Technology Solutions is that our service, BDAS, provides analytics as an output wherein we do all the heavy lifting and analysis for you. In contrast our Big Data technology solution is geared more towards organizations who want to have hands-on access to big data analytics tools and use their own internal staff to perform the analysis.

Our big data technology solution uses corporate big data (structured and unstructured data), social media data (unstructured data) along with the power of mobile computing. The diagram below illustrates our big data solutions lifecycle:

big data technology solutions_process_v2


If you are planning to build predictive analytics solutions then our 70+ machine learning algorithms and our machine learning & transaction processing technology team can help in meeting your goals. Big data solutions can help firms in the following areas:

  • Risk Analysis and risk reduction
  • Making intelligent decisions
  • Creating differentiated more personal experiences for customers
  • Gain Insights
  • Predict future events with better probability
  • Enterprise Search
  • Customer behavior predictive analysis

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