Social Media Analytics As a Service

Social media analytics is perhaps the most powerful tool available to discover and uncover customer opinions across countless online platforms and resources.

Businesses today feel pressure to learn new perspectives about their customers through social media. Many businesses, however, don’t have the right tools to prepare them for such a task. They simply need the analytics expertise to turn the information, that they can mine from social media, into something resembling a ‘strategy of action’ for their operations.

Through social media analytics tools, businesses can discover social media data patterns that typically require more ‘human intelligence’ and successfully interpret them into new ‘unfathomable insights’ that can simply help their business grow.

If you’re looking for a strategic partner who can monitor social media, provide business insights and take action to manage and protect your brand – and even help executives make educated executive decisions – we can help.

Our social medial analytics as a service is designed to help our customers take more strategic actions in a much more proactive manner than before. Whether you need help to figure out customer sentiments across the board or need assistance to resolve crises, know that we have what it takes to resolve anything you need resolved.

Here are some details about the types of consulting services we offer as part of this service.

Brand Monitoring.

Answers the primary question: What is happening? We understand how critical it is to know what customers are saying about your brand. We help monitor blogs, news, social networks to keep track of what’s being said about your brand. We also can alert you to negative sentiment from customers that you need to respond to immediately. For example, if one of your customers had a terrible experience and they’re tweeting about it, we want to give you an opportunity to rectify the situation? Our service provides the following benefits:

  • Measure Campaign impact
  • Gain competitive intelligence
  • Crisis management assistance
  • Helps companies focus attention on negative sentiment to allow them to address problems as soon as possible.

Brand Insight.

Answer the primary question “Why?” Our goal is to tell you where customers are talking, what they’re talking about, when they’re talking about it, and to give you some ideas why they’re talking about it. The importance of human analysis is often overlooked in this process to help interpret and correlate data patterns, and to find the answer to questions like: “Why is this happening?”. Here are some of the elements likely to be involved in our analysis:

  • Identify Consumer Segments based on their online behaviors.
  • Insights to improve the Marketing Message
  • Insight into market and product
  • Generate leads
  • Identify and engage key influencers

Brand Protection & Improved Customer Retention.

Our brand protection services helps in getting your message out to twitter, facebook, blogs or to specific customer to protect your brand in following situations:

  • Customer Support
  • Crisis Management
  • Improve customer retention

Competitive Intelligence.

Paying attention to things your competitors do well is just as important as paying attention to what they do poorly. We can help keep activities of your competition. We can help analyze the distribution of sentiment between you and your competitors. This can provide valuable insight to show where you outshine your competitors and where you’re falling behind. Here are some features of this service:

  • Leverage competitor campaign and analyze impact of competitor’s actions.
  • Monitor and measure social media to provide competitive intelligence.
  • Gain insight into the sentiment about your company and your employees strength and compare it to competitor’s. Identify trends in competitor hiring and needed skills to predict their next move three or six months from now.
  • Suggest action based on trends observed industry-wide as well as by your competitors and your own customers.
  • Quantify competitor’s marketing actions and evaluate the impact on their brand positioning, and customer segments.

Customer Analysis.

We can help you identify, segment, and engage users, including identifying the most influential followers of your social media campaigns. We realize that by engaging key eFluencers you could be indirectly engaging hundreds or thousands of other customers who are part of the eFluencer’s social groups. Our Customer analysis service includes:

  • Identify Social media leads and approach them via social media based on the business rules you define.
  • Identify eFluencer and their lifestyle. Execute efluencer marketing campaign via sending personalized message to all influencers as per your needs and goals.
  • Provide Voice of Customer analysis
  • Quantify product features liked and disliked.
  • Determine Fan demographics and engage Fans based on rules defined by you. This will help segment and target users, and therefore increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Customer Service Performance Analysis.

We use this service to help companies improve their customer service ratings, customer satisfaction, in addition to identifying key problems areas and training their customer service teams.

If you need an insight into what works for your business and what doesn’t work, we can provide just that for you. Customers who want to learn from their competitor’s mistakes and remain ‘one step ahead’ of them will benefit greatly from our service.

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Industry Specific Analysis.

We use specialized industry-specific customized text analytics and sentiment analysis tools to provide you the following services:

  • Telephone Carrier Switch Analysis. If you are a telephone company that wants to quantify and understand the reasons behind your low customer retention rate, this service is for you. We also provide reports on customers who are likely to leave. Alongside our brand protection service, we can help increase your customer retention rate.
  • Legal Cases Analysis. Our analysis provides alerts concerning litigation and non-compliance investigations for existing and potential cases.
  • Insurance Settlement Analysis. Our service provides insight to help you negotiate insurance claim settlements with an insured party.

Custom Social Media Analysis.

If you need insights in making a strategic decisions then let us help you gather, analyze and present the information to you.

We understand that every service isn’t suitable for everyone, as they have their own needs. Therefore, we do our best to ensure that your strategic problems are resolved, while providing you with recommendations that work within the constraints of your business operations.

The diagram below illustrates the process behind our Custom Social Media Analysis as a Service: