Vertically Specialized Solutions by Industry


Pure Analyzer is well positioned to provide services across organizations ranging from optimal patient selection to bringing new drugs to market, increasing drug sales by analyzing claims to discover alternate usage of drugs and affordable health insurance.

Financial Services and Insurance

Pure Analyzer helps financial services institutions worldwide to manage risk, meet regulatory compliance, spot growth opportunities and improve alpha of their investment portfolio. There is still far more that could be done by providing business users broader access to the data for analysis by employing user-friendly, integrated solutions like Pure Analyzer.


Legal departments of large organization are starting to employ our services and expertise in predictive analytics to protect the corporation from reoccurring law suits in future.

Management consulting firms

Big data analytics is becoming critical tool in consulting services aiding organization in solving strategic problems in the areas of customer retention, segmentation and behavioral analysis.


In retail, we have come to expect Amazon and other online retailers recommending our next purchase based on prior buying habits. As mobile commerce is expanding, retail organizations will employ more Big Data analytics and mobile solutions expertise to offer personalized and tailored offers.


75% of the big organizations IT budget is spent on keeping the lights on. At the same time, all tools are tailored to provide alerts and none to predict the failure based on previous resources and application usage patterns. But it is changing now and we are here to help.


Energy industry is going through major changes and data overload ranging from equipment & smart meter monitoring to well logging data. To know how this big data can help in wind mill maintenance cost reduction to reduce power usage to provide critical information about well-logging to executives iPAd in real-time, call us today.


Complex algorithms have helped logistics and transportation companies in gaining efficiencies but at the planning stage only. However, big data analytics uses learnings from actual data to suggest changes to plan in real-time as unknown conditions occur. Past decisions and quality of those decisions is a knowledge base that does not have to go away with the talented and experienced employees.


We work with media companies to provide our services and solutions to their clients.


Telecommunication industry face an issue of saturated subscriber base. Additionally, companies have barely touched the potential of improving customer experience using location specific big data in multi-language from various mobile applications. We can get the rarely integrated data that is not leveraged to  provide insights that can improve the customer experience and business performance.