Fieldbox Maintenance

facilities management tool that was developed for organizations with outdoor services personnel

Facility Management

Key Benefits:

  • Decreases cost of ownership
  • Faster data integration
  • Data integration and visualization proved to be an additional source of income

Business Challenges

There was a need to develop a robust and information rich interface for the personnel and management.

  1. Information had to be aggregated from multiple sources into one central system, analyzed based on preset constraints, and disseminated towards the appropriate nodes.
  2. To improve efficiency in operations within each industry, a dashboard had to be created that contains this information categorized by the industry specific Key Performance Indicators.

xtLytics™ offering

Data integration was performed by the Big Data Processor, which included the process engine, the data adapters and the data integration layer. The steps followed were:

  1. Drag and drop components to create the workflow process
  2. Use the wizard to define Business Rules
  3. Configure the wizard to define Actions
  4. Use the wizard to Schedule the process

Multiple process maps were modeled and process execution methodology and its parameters were detailed in a report to Fieldbox.

Big data Integration and visualization was performed through the operations dashboard and analytics dashboard. The visualization layer delivered information through two custom built interfaces:

  1. My Tasks: Which was specific to the user and had components like ‘My pending tasks’, ‘My performance’, ‘Distance Travelled’, etc.
  2. Manager Tasks: Which had information about the team such as ‘Team performance’, ‘Workforce Utilization’, etc.


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