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Online Dating

Why xtLytics
The millennial generation has experienced a change in perspective when it came to the dating experience. Websites like and phone applications such as tinder enable users to interact with one another in an online ecosystem, and help them determine the type of relationship they wanted to have.

Key Benefits:

  • Identification of target prospects
  • Insights into current state of business operations
  • Value proposition to potential investors

Business Challenges

The dating industry in the U.S is projected to grow to about $3 Billion by 2021 [IBIS World, April 2016]. About 60 Million people in the country are a part of the LGBT community, and about 60% of same sex persons meet online. 59% would prefer an LGBT content specific platform and about 74% are loyal to brands that support LGBT causes. Another factor to consider is the $900 Billion annual spending power of LGBT Americans which is higher than their heterosexual counterparts.

A major challenge facing online dating platforms is the effective integration of the big data available to them into their systems. Data can be leveraged to assess the state of operations, the temporal trend of user preferences as well as the current state of the user profiles that exist in the system. The aggregated insights into business operations would give the client a value proposition with respect to the application’s future performance. This can be used to approach potential investors.

xtLytics™ offering

The advantage of visualizing big data is to gain quick insights and address any unexpected issues that may arise. The developers of the application approach xtLytics to help them with generating monthly reports, and decided to use a subscription model of the data reporting service of the analytics platform. The key areas being tracked in the report are:

  1. Growth in the total number of users as well as in the paid segment.
  2. The percentage of active users which is based on the total number of users enrolled, the retention rate as well as the deletion rate of the users,
  3. Per session time spent by the users on iOS as well as Android platforms of the application
  4. Google Analytics data was added into the report, which included number of messages sent between users, screen views and the number of swipes.


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