Why Us?

Key differentiation points that gives us an edge over our competitors include:

Our Technology

  • Collection of framework components utilizing over 70 machine-learning algorithms. This enables us to efficiently create predictive models that focus on specific business outcomes.
  • Services and custom solutions which we offer to enterprises are integrated and include unstructured data, text analytics, social media analytics as well as deep knowledge and expertise in analyzing data.

Our Fusion Process

Our fusion process, a combination of systematic creativity techniques, management consulting models and agile methodologies, allows us to keep the focus, be creative and add value in an iterative fashion.

Systematic creativity has allowed us to create the WOW factor in our client offerings. As a true partner, our value proposition ranges from improving your offering, helping you define your IT strategy, deploying technology solutions, as well as providing maintenance & support.

Our Team

Our typical project team is assembled based on their cross-functional, complimentary skill sets, and normally includes industry experts, technology evangelists in machine learning and emerging technologies, and data scientists. Here are some of the skills, industry expertise, and work experience you’ll likely find in the resumés of our team members:

Experience in emerging technologies:

  • Text analytics. Published most circulated twitter sentiment engine related white papers.
  • Experience in Hadoop and NoSQL technologies. Experts in social media and big data technologies.
  • Experience in Mobile and cloud computing.
  • Experience in mission critical to user friendly animation.

Computer Science:

  • Team members have BS, MS, and PhD from ivy league schools.

Finance Industry Experience:

  • Team with 10-20 years experience in Financial Services Industry (Fidelity Investments, SunLife, Safeco, State Street, Mercer and JP Morgan Chase…)
  • Finance Technology and Products: WealthCentral, JPMorganInvest.com, brownco.com, Fidelity.com, Advent, NaviPlan, FIX, RTTM, TRACE, DTCC, MSRB, NSCC, FICC, MAS90, MCH (trade data), Financial market data from various data sources, Navigator, MISMO, ACORD, MIB, eNable, MVR, ARMS, APS/Paramed, Various payment systems

Retail Industry Experience:

  • Team members with 10-20 years of retail experience and who have worked at Wal-Mart, GAP, Lillian-Vernon, and Gymboree.
  • Retail Technology and Products: B2B & B2C Exchanges, Payment gateways, Warehouse management packages, Content management systems, Portal

Healthcare Industry Experience:

  • Team with 10-20 years experience in Healthcare (Genzyme, First Genetic Trust, Beverly Healthcare, Minuteman, Health Aileron Solutions, Acuta LLC…)
  • Experience in HIPAA, Medicaid, Medicare, health insurance, HL7, MIB, ARMS, ePath, and encryption algorithms.

PR and Advertising Industry Experience:

  • Experience in Brand Management, Graphical User Interface Design, campaign design, and Facebook applications.
  • Team with 10-20 years experience (Softbank, Internet and Mobile Association of India ….)

Transportation Industry Experience:

  • Team with 10-20 years experience in Transportation Industry (Department of Transportation, USA, R&L Carrier, Innovative Scheduling, Integrated Logistics Systems…)
  • Transportation Technology and Products: Descartes, Tour Solver, Solver, Cplex, Hadoop and cloud computing, Heuristic & LP models, regression analysis, sensitivity analysis, Monte Carlo simulation

Legal Industry Experience:

  • Integration among major industry products such as Relativity, Viewpoint, StoredIQ.
  • Experience in eDiscovery staging and management; Cluster documents; Document summarization
  • Team members with 30 years of experience in litigation support

Energy Industry Experience:

  • Team members with 20+ years of experience (Diversified Well Logging, WITSML, Chevron, and BP)

Telecom Industry Experience:

  • Team members with 20 years of experience in telecom industry (Sprint)

Music and Entertainment Industry Experience:

  • Team members with 20 years of experience (Yahoo, Creative Planet, Netscape, Mapquest, Lycos, Playboy, Fox News…)
  • B2B portal, sheet music, budgeting, script management.