Clinical Data Analytics*

Insights help organizations effectively plan and manage clinical trials and to better evaluate clinical trial performance.

The number of clinical trials underway each year has been increasing steadily, worldwide. In the last five years alone, over 75,000 federally and privately supported trials have been registered with the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Trials registry.

xtLytics can streamline clinical trial data analysis with real time access to clinical data during all phases of clinical development, allowing the user to interact with the data as soon as it is collected. Our forecasting, clustering, correlation, simulation, regression and decision tree algorithms along with world-class visualization not only help in understanding the complex ecosystem that is involved in a clinical trial and FDA process but also in defining actionable insights. Analytics process makes it easier for organization to meet the challenges of today’s complex and competitive clinical and regulatory environment.

Our solution enables organizations to:

    • Effectively plan and manage clinical trials
    • Choose right patient & physician
    • Measure sites’ performance on a regular basis
    • Conduct clinical operations’ KPI Analysis
    • Identify drop-outs, non-compliant participants, unexpected drug

*This module is still under development