Big Data Explorer

The best way for organizations to ensure their long-­‐term success is by leveraging data

An enhanced data foundation leads to insightful action. Healthcare organizations cannot improve what they cannot measure. The best way for organizations to ensure their long-­-term success is by leveraging data. The big data that healthcare organizations need to collect and analyze may come from hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, wellness centers, referral networks, labs and imaging centers, research and other nontraditional data sources like social media. Market Data Explorer from xtLytics enables organizations to access and analyze social media data in near-real time.

Collecting, integrating and analyzing data can be a complex task because the data resides in many internal and external locations and its level of quality may be unknown. In addition, about 80 percent of medical data is unstructured, which further increases the challenge. Even with all of this complexity, healthcare organizations that implement clinical and advanced analytics capabilities have a lot to gain. Some areas in which enhanced data and analytics from xtLytics can yield the greatest results include:

• Gain a better understanding of actual costs and outcomes

• Identify areas where they have the most to gain from improvements

• Rigorously track performance over time

• Defining value drivers for members, as well as the member behaviors and choices that drive value for payers

• Building clear analytical methods to evaluate expected member value and actual performance

• Building “A/B” testing capabilities to compare efficacy of messaging and explore alternatives to member-­- or provider-­-outreach  campaigns

• Identifying resource-­-intensive workflows and business processes that could be made more efficient through big data, such as provider  authorization, evaluation of claims accuracy, and auto-­-adjudication of claims