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New opportunities in the consumer direct arena after HealthCare Reform

Healthcare Insurance providers are developing a growth strategy in the new consumer direct arena. Post-­-medical sale of many Specialty products including Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, Telehealth and Wellness presents a new growth opportunity.

A simple means of forecasting the market growth rate is to extrapolate historical data into the future. While this method may provide a first-­-order estimate, it does not predict important turning points. A better method is to study growth drivers such as demographic information and sales growth in complementary products. Such drivers serve as leading indicators that are more accurate than simply historical data. Companies need predictive marketing models to identify what are the best products to up-­-sell to existing customers, when and how to sell them and what would be the most effective messaging and marketing strategy.

xtLytics offers Market Growth Analytics that can determine the attractiveness of a market and help companies to understand its evolving opportunities as they relate to the market size & growth rate, market profitability, distribution channels, market trends and strengths of the Healthcare Insurance providers.