Market Analytics : Market Share Monitor

Beyond measurement of share, healthcare Insurance providers can see indicators of share changes (organic, inorganic and local trends)

Market Analytics from xtLytics delivers real-­-time consumer insights that create a whole new playing field for marketing. The potential ways for businesses to understand market trends based on information about customer behaviors and preferences and social media are unprecedented. Figuring out how to manage, filter and analyze that data into actionable insights is truly the challenge — the success of your marketing strategy depends on analytics tools that boost real-­-world business transactions.

xtLytics Marketing Analytics tools can help Healthcare Insurance providers:

• Establish custom market share data management dashboards to standardize data and provide real-­-time metrics

• Identify Healthcare Insurance providers market share down to zip code by product

• Monitor organic growth – the rising and falling tides (Age-­-Ins, market expansion and contraction)

• Create a variety of template-­-based, standardized or ad-hoc reports to facilitate cross-­-functional communication

• Establish Brand Strength and local trends against competition

• Identify New Entrants, traditional and non-­-traditional correlations and relationships

• Convert market share data into actionable insights that power strategic decisions and persuasive marketing

• Identify competitor share down to zip code by product

• Monitor abnormal high gain and high loss of market share by product