Growth & Productivity Improvements

Predictive modeling tool for Senior Agents to plan growth and productivity improvements for their network/agency by territory

Senior Agents effectiveness solutions focus on two elements: more effective support models for existing producers and more effective analytics to attract retain and optimize the producer workforce. Leveraging big data analytics, Agencies can now estimate the potential of a market and then evaluate a producer’s contribution of that share of the business. This analysis can also be used for target setting and training to improve overall market penetration. Whether a producer is a captive or an independent agent, a financial advisor or an intermediary, the use of big data analytics can help drive top-­-line and bottom-­-line growth. Senior Agents can leverage analytics across a broad range of producer information, including interaction history with the carrier and customers; social media capabilities, claims, payments and agent histories to understand which characteristics predict successful behaviors. The findings can be used to search and screen for new producers and to help existing producers increase their performance. Big data and analytics can also help make producers smarter about their customers, so they can anticipate customer needs more effectively and help retain business. Sharing cross-­-sell offers and sentiment analysis with the producer community can add to the producer’s business and drive incremental revenues to the Agency and the carrier company. Analytics allow for the matching of producers and customers to drive cross-­-sell and up-­-sell opportunities, help carriers maintain wallet share and reduce policy exchanges or cancellations.

Sample screen captures from our software.