Market Analytics

Predictive Analytics to help identify which customers are most likely to buy -­- developing hot leads for producers by zip code

xtLytics predictive analytics for captive distribution models can provide leads to the producers. Insurers with this capability are combining their internal data with third-­- party database marketing solutions to mine their own books of business for opportunities. One of the biggest challenges in the field is having thousands of clients and achieving a level of data segmentation that allows insurers to better understand their customers. Producers will gain the ability to analyze the decisions consumers in various demographics are making and the trends that exist. For insurers, the implications of social media analytics are enormous. The entire industry is driven by customers trust in their advisors or agents and social media increasingly determine whom customers trust. Social media are where customers express the feelings of security that are so important to an insurer’s customer relationships. In addition, social media help insurers maintain a presence in their customers’ minds during those long periods of time when their customers prefer to think about other things. For example, most insurance customers think about their insurance only when they experience a significant life event, change their address, or renew their policy. Social media provide a place where customers hear stories that remind them of the protection and the value that insurers give them every day.

Sample screen captures from our software.