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From lead topics at many of the major CEO forums to the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the use of analytics in healthcare and insurance industry is moving towards center stage. Major companies are introducing predictive analytics rollouts and pilot programs to enhance a value and variety of healthcare and life insurance products and processes.

xtLytics offers tools for broader use of analytics in the Health Insurance industry and throughout entire Life Insurance and Property Casualty (P&C) insurance organizations. Companies are starting to realize the value of data and that it is an asset. xtLytics solutions and predictive analytic tools are built to help companies to streamline processes, reduce expenses and overall make better-­-informed decisions throughout their business.

Capabilities And Perspectives

xtLytics Analytics tools can help you determine the smartest, least disruptive approach to managing your data, setting up your system and fine-­-tuning it as conditions change.

Analytics helps you gain profitable insights from your life insurance and annuity systems data. Using dashboards, reports, filters and gauges, you can instantly identify important trends, both positive and negative. To understand which policies, agents, products, etc., are driving a particular trend, you can simply drill down to reveal the factors affecting the outcome.

A key challenge for healthcare payers today is the pressure to decrease healthcare costs while growing their business in addition to meeting legislative demands to demonstrate compliance. xtLytics provides healthcare payers with Analytics tools and prebuilt dashboards, reports, and metrics. With this information, they can monitor performance, analyze key performance indicators, and compare them to benchmarks. Providing the flexibility to customize the dashboards for each role within the organization allows for quick issue detection and diagnosis, thus, providing healthcare payers and insurance providers the benefits of implementing corrective actions and/or cost containment measures in a timely fashion and avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Freed from laborious report creation requests, your IT staff can spend more time concentrating on other tasks. Working autonomously, you can:

• Find under-­-served market segments

• Reallocate resources more effectivelyUntitled-1

• Measure your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and drive desired    results

• Track key metrics to improve operational performance.

• Reveal powerful facts hidden in your company’s data

• Discover trends and proactively address them

• Identify high-­-performing and under-­-performing products, market segments and producers

• Improve your service model

Some of Our Clients

    • Tufts Medical Center, health insurance company in New England leverages big data analytics from xtLytics to power its innovative and robust platform for health plan called Minuteman Health.
    • Minuteman Health, as the first and only member-governed health insurance company in the state of MA, needed latest technology from xtLytics to provide fast and cost effective services to new members.
    • Big data solution and analytics has allowed Armed Services Mutual Benefits Association to expedite their expansion plans by having satisfied customers and greater business insight.
    • Analytics enabled IMS Health to realize their vision to gain insights from healthcare claims that helped pharma companies to increase sales of their drugs.
    • xtLytics big data solutions enable  Aileron Solutions to analyze millions of healthcare claims  providing insight that is currently used by many of the top twenty pharma companies to increase drug sales.
    • xtLytics has been working with Columbia University to analyze market and social trends to recommend public policy changes.
    • We are collaborating with Launchpad, a product design, development, and collaborative resource hub, to bring big data solution power to start-ups. Big data solutions and services are no longer limited to large enterprises.
    • xtLytics provided services to Hagen, Streiff, Newton & Oshiro (HSNO) business interruption department. Our Big Data Analysis as a Service helped their top insurance clients in settling multi-million dollar insurance claims of Fortune 500 companies.
    • We are building solutions for Superior Discovery that bring social media data to eDiscovery requests and predictive analytics to corporate documents. This innovative process minimizes risks of future litigation and provides a way to track and utilize attorney work products.

What others say about us

xtLytics eliminates very time- and labor-intensive coding of media and social media reactions to events, including changes in public policy or the introduction of new technology, to test theories about the temporal dynamics of public reactions to changes in the status quo. It offers important insights into the sources and covariates of positive and negative reactions and the means to easily trace them back to specific groups or sources that can be classified along multiple lines, including geographic location or industry, both features that are very valuable to our research enterprise.


Elke U. Weber
Elke U. WeberCo-Director, Center for Decision Sciences, Columbia Business School

xtLytics provided valuable software development and big-data management assistance to launch Minuteman Health, a non-profit, member-governed, COOP health plan, which will provide more affordable health insurance in Massachusetts.

Robert Chin
Robert ChinCIO, Minuteman Health

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