Capabilities And Perspectives

xtLytics Analytics tools can help you determine the smartest, least disruptive approach to managing your data, setting up your system and fine-­-tuning it as conditions change.

Analytics helps you gain profitable insights from your life insurance and annuity systems data. Using dashboards, reports, filters and gauges, you can instantly identify important trends, both positive and negative. To understand which policies, agents, products, etc., are driving a particular trend, you can simply drill down to reveal the factors affecting the outcome.

A key challenge for healthcare payers today is the pressure to decrease healthcare costs while growing their business in addition to meeting legislative demands to demonstrate compliance. xtLytics provides healthcare payers with Analytics tools and prebuilt dashboards, reports, and metrics. With this information, they can monitor performance, analyze key performance indicators, and compare them to benchmarks. Providing the flexibility to customize the dashboards for each role within the organization allows for quick issue detection and diagnosis, thus, providing healthcare payers and insurance providers the benefits of implementing corrective actions and/or cost containment measures in a timely fashion and avoiding unnecessary expenses.