Some of Our Clients

        • Tufts Medical Center, health insurance company in New England leverages big data analytics from xtLytics to power its innovative and robust platform for health plan called Minuteman Health.
        • Minuteman Health, as the first and only member-governed health insurance company in the state of MA, needed latest technology from xtLytics to provide fast and cost effective services to new members.
        • Big data solution and analytics has allowed Armed Services Mutual Benefits Association to expedite their expansion plans by having satisfied customers and greater business insight.

        • xtLytics big data solutions enable  Aileron Solutions to analyze millions of healthcare claims  providing insight that is currently used by many of the top twenty pharma companies to increase drug sales.
        • xtLytics has been working with Columbia University to analyze market and social trends to recommend public policy changes.
        • xtLytics provided services to Hagen, Streiff, Newton & Oshiro (HSNO) business interruption department. Our Big Data Analysis as a Service helped their top insurance clients in settling multi-million dollar insurance claims of Fortune 500 companies.
        • We are building solutions for Superior Discovery that bring social media data to eDiscovery requests and predictive analytics to corporate documents. This innovative process minimizes risks of future litigation and provides a way to track and utilize attorney work products.