Consulting Partners

Partnering with xtLytics enables our Consulting Partners to differentiate their service offerings from the competition while expanding the scope of their engagements. The modular nature of our software and the agile methodology that it enables for the design, implementation, and automation of complex predictive analytics enable you to engage with your clients on many different levels, from C-level executives to managers and professionals. This leads to improved project efficiency, expanded customer engagements, new and innovative services offerings, and ultimately, to a healthier bottom line.

xtLytics offers several partnership models for consulting firms, all with simple and flexible terms designed to make it easy to become a partner and shorten the path to revenues:

    • Licensed Delivery Model – The Consulting partner licenses xtLytics Software, xtLytics As a Service for their own use in revenue-generating activities with clients.
    • On Premise Model – The Consulting partner purchases xtLytics Software, xtLytics and deploys it on-premise for their own use in delivering revenue-generating activities with clients.
    • On Demand Model – The Consulting partner purchases Big Data Analytics As a Service (BDAS) on project basis wherein xtLytics does all the heavy lifting and analysis providing analytics as an output
    • Referral Option – The referral option is available to all xtLytics Consulting Partners and provides a referral fee upon deal closure for any client opportunity referred by the partner to us.
    • Reseller Option – All xtLytics Consulting Partners also have the option to become resellers of our software.

No matter which partnership model best fits your needs, as a xtLytics Consulting Partner you can count on us to provide:

    • Trial licenses of xtLytics software at no cost
    • xtLytics product, sales training and reseller certification
    • Access to xtLytics marketing, sales enablement, and sales support tools
    • Access to our expertize in analyzing data and creating predictive models that focus on specific business outcomes
    • Joint Go-To-Market planning sessions and demand generation activities

If you are interested in partnering, or simply want to learn more about the xtLytics Partner Program, we’d love to hear from you. Complete the Partnership Request Form and let’s get a conversation started.