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Predictive Code to combat infectious diseases

BENGALURU: The Weather Company, an business, and xtLytics, a healthcare analytics company have jointly developed a model to help reduce the prevalence of infectious disease.

The predictive analysis tool helps doctors in administering better treatment and is already piloted in healthcare centers in India and abroad. The Solution Excellence Center in Noida will combine the capabilities of weather data and analytics to better understand how weather conditions affect the spread of disease.

“Using IBM’s data, we have built algorithms targeted towards vector borne diseases,“ said Deepak Mittal, CEO, xtLytics. “Many diseases and allergies are correlated with the weather and we are going a level deeper on how to use the data on diseases like chikungunya, dengue etc.“ It will help predict the probability of an outbreak of a disease 15 days in advance. It aims to improve patient care, better manage inventory at hospitals and enable users to become aware of different drugs.

The predictive nature will provide understanding of the connection between personal health and climatic conditions, and help prepare for geographic-centric diseases.